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End of Life Care Advice: Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Jun 7, 2018 by David Hellyer

Tai chi was originally developed for self-defense. However, it has recently evolved into a popular form of exercise that can provide people of all ages, including seniors, with a variety of health benefits. Here are several of the many reasons end of life care professionals in State College, PA, recommend tai chi for older adults:


Improved Balance

Since tai chi movements are slow and steady and shift from one side to the other, they help the core regain balance. Those who offer end of life care explain that they are also effective in reducing the risk of falls in the senior population.


Stress Reduction

The slow, rhythmic movements and breathing associated with tai chi help distract older adults from their daily stressors. The breathing coordination paired with the hand eye movement has been proven to promote relaxation.


Chronic Illness Prevention

There are a variety of chronic illnesses that are common among the older population. Fortunately, tai chi can help treat high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, digestive disorders, depression, and several other chronic conditions.


Strength and Endurance

According to research, senior citizens who practiced tai chi at least three times a week became stronger and developed more endurance than those who did not.


Improved Joint Health

There are many high-impact exercises such as running which could put stress on the joints. Tai chi, however, is a low-impact workout that is good for the joints. It is a particularly effective exercise for senior citizens with joint pain or arthritis.



Seniors who participate in tai chi classes can meet new people and stay social while improving their health.


Tai chi classes can be found at a local gym or community center. If your senior loved one is interested in reaping the benefits of improved balance, stress reduction, chronic illness prevention, and strength and endurance, they should definitely try tai chi.


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